Suicide Forest

Kristine & Aya describe their relationship and their collaboration on SUICIDE FOREST

about the project

In 1990’s Japan, a salaryman desperately searches for his self-worth, while a lonely teenage girl grapples with her sexuality in a nightmarish, male-defined society. When the two find an awkward companionship in each other, they expose their darkest desires fueled by masochism and shame, and must now confront life and death as the notorious Suicide Forest looms over their imagination. Performed by a Japanese heritage cast, Suicide Forest is a bilingual play that breaks through the silence and submissiveness often associated with Japanese and Japanese American identity, examining the role of community and the inner struggles of emotional, psychic and social suicide through the playwright’s lived stories and inner landscape.

production history

World Premiere: The Bushwick Starr in association with Ma-Yi Theater Company, February 2019

SUICIDE FOREST by Kristine Haruna Lee
Directed by Aya Ogawa
Produced by Denise Shu-Mei & John Del Gaudio
Scenic Design by Jian Jung
Lighting and Video Design by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
Sound Design by Fan Zhang
Music Composition by Jen Goma
Costume design by Alice Tavener

Featuring Ako, Yuki Kawahisa, Aoi Lee, Kristine Haruna Lee, Jiro Ueno, and others.

Ars Nova Maker's Lab Residency Reading, May 4, 2017.
Bushwick Starr Reading Series, October 18, 2016.


This project has received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and Map Fund Grant.