in a way I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before in the theater… War Lesbian felt, and still feels beseechingly important, and is a text that I will no doubt grapple with for years to come." - Stage Buddy on War Lesbian

Several days have passed since I saw the show, and I somehow remember much of the damn thing with delight… Some sort of magic must be at work.
— Time Out New York LGBT Critic's Pick on WAR LESBIAN
War Lesbian is a bizarre, surreal, candy-colored campfest that manages that magic blend of being able to make you laugh, make you think, and give you very weird dreams for the rest of the week.
— New York Theatre Review on WAR LESBIAN

"Let this be a lesson

to us all to keep up-to-date with whatever emerges next from the harunalee ensemble... left me speechless for quite some time after the piece finished." - Medium on Memory Retrograde

A wholly entertaining pageant that gives us so much food for thought... There is considerable magic in Plum de Force. Apart from the originality of her theatrical vision, Lee also displays a great eye for staging, with so many well designed and executed reveals and changes of scene that the show was a feast for the eyes as well as minds and hearts... Lee is certainly a force." - New York Theatre Review on Plum de Force

(harunalee’s) Troika was a revelation to me. The kind of moment when I know I am in the hands of a true artists and crafts person with a unique vision. Troika was part cabaret act, part historical drama, and part surreal fantasia, but yet deeply rooted in real, true, human experience and interaction. It was one of the moments I always relish as an artistic director when I know I’ve found someone I want to work with.
— Noel Joseph Allain, The Bushwick Starr
War Lesbian holds up a mirror to the wars raging inside all of us and that’s a breath of fresh air in these often troubling times.
— Theatre is Easy on WAR LESBIAN
harunalee explores the terrifying unknown with a gaudy richness that left me swimming in images and then drowning in personal reflection.
— Culturebot on WAR LESBIAN
SAA_8730_Brighter_сSashaArutyunova2017 (1).jpg

"Kristine is a bright authentic theater star (truly)

and anyone who encounters her work would be hard pressed not to find themselves opening up to new possibilities and falling in love."
- Taylor Mac

Memory Retrograde featured on Episode 32 of SEQUIN

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