plural (love)

With the performance installation plural (love)Jen Goma, Morgan Green, & Kristine Haruna Lee flirt with the boundaries of desire, power, and responsibility, building an environment that feels akin to stepping into a soft BDSM roleplay. Always written and performed anew based on its audience and physical surroundings (from the NY Hall of Science planetarium, to theatre festivals, to a hotel), plural (love) is an opportunity for Goma, Green & Lee to report their latest findings on love, desire, intimacy, sex and sexuality, and its relationship to transparency, ethics, and equity. 

Originally inspired by auto-theorists such as Audre Lorde, Assata Shakur, Claudia Rankine, Maggie Nelson, and Roland Barthes, Goma, Green & Lee layer political, cultural, and social theory with their own autobiographical stories, especially focusing on the conundrum that Goma and Lee have faced in their experience of desire and being desired as Asian American women. The body of this series is largely written and performed by Lee and Goma while Green directs, and they perform their musings through a pastiche of intricate styles that include pop songs with lyrics by Sartre, ritual, live podcasts, intimate humor, and radical truth-telling.


Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab Showings January 19th & 20th 2019 at WalkerSpace
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Development History

New Georges Jam 2017 - Present
Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab 2018 - Present
LALA Festival - July 2018
NY Hall of Science The Stars Hold Our Stories - October 2018
Arlo NoMad Hotel RSVP - October 2018