plum de force

Johnny is a farmer who can talk to plums. He’s also in love with one, too. When the illicit affair becomes a public scandal, the adulterous plum and her sisters receive their grim sentence- plucked and sent to an ultra-chic supermarket, which, from their perspective, is a Berlin Night Club full of lights, music, plastics, pesticides, and not to mention, some dangerous looking fruit. A psychedelic trip offered by one dubious apple sends the plums to a circus in Calcutta, where bread and butter sing, a bag of sugar sweet talks, and a courtroom waits to cast their final verdict. 

production history

Bushwick Starr Propeller Project Series (New York) September 5 - 8, 2013.



Lee has created something remarkable...

A wholly entertaining pageant that gives us so much food for thought... There is considerable magic in Plum de Force. Apart from the originality of her theatrical vision, Lee also displays a great eye for staging, with so many well designed and executed reveals and changes of scene that the show was a feast for the eyes as well as minds and hearts... Lee is certainly a force. I can't wait to see what she conjures up next." - New York Theatre Review

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