kristine haruna lee

I'm a playwright, director, and performer, born in Hong Kong, raised between Tokyo and Seattle, and now living in Brooklyn NY. I first came to New York to go to the Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU where I met the people who would form this company with me. We've been creating work since 2010, but we officially became harunalee  in June of 2013. I then got my MFA in playwriting at Brooklyn College with Mac Wellman and Erin Courtney. You can often find me performing in other downtown works, as I find this to be a sort of heartbeat that sustains my practice. I also teach at NYU Experimental Theatre Wing and have taught at York College. My plays include: Memory Retrograde, War Lesbian, Drunkfish Oceanrant, Plum de Force, TROIKA, Suicide Forest, and Funeral Plays. I am a recipient of the New Dramatists Van Lier Fellowship, the Lotos Foundation prize for directing, a member of Wook Taut Majesty, a New Georges Affiliated Artist, and a member of P73's Interstate 73.

Through my plays, I have been developing a poetics that gives voice to and examines themes and ideas I’ve been drawn to all my life; these themes often take form in a collision of images that extend towards the mythic- of dreams and riddles that perplex and bring into question fragmented experiences of identity, life and death as literal and metaphorical events, the expansion of one’s sexuality and it’s relationship to plurality and non-conforming bodies, and the intersection of psychic experience in our daily rituals and practice. For me, to write a play or text is to create radical performance landscapes that are inherently visual and pastiche in style, always offering a space for our multiplicities to pan out without adhering to a sense of formal logic. With harunalee, I strive to create theater that honors this multiplicity of identity and the fragmentation of experience, tapping into non-linear form as a way to meditate on the more spectacular, terrifying and disruptive bodies and thoughts that exist in our deeper spirit and subconscious.