plural (love)

is a performance-based project that centers around investigations on desire and the ethics of intimacy, and is an ongoing document of experiences catalogued and shared in real-time over the past year between makers Kristine Haruna Lee, Jen Goma, and Morgan Green.

Using our own bodies and voice as canvas, we draw on personal anecdotes, daydreaming, critical theory, interview, and song as a way to exercise radical truth-telling, which has become a major feminist practice for us both creatively and in our personal lives. Inspired by female autotheorists such as Audre Lorde and Maggie Nelson who’s writing decentralizes “the academic fourth wall” and incorporates political, cultural, and social theory with autobiographical storytelling, our investigation wrestles with the translation of this literary form into a performative one, and whether sharing this information that is inherently difficult and truthful relating to our failures of Self and Community, is ultimately an act of loving the Self and Community. The performance will simultaneously act as a catalyst for dialogue and a call to action around these concrete needs for ethical practices currently lacking in our immediate artistic community. We propose reimagining the power dynamics of intimate relationships, both artistic and romantic, through the concept of polyamory, rigorous communication, valuing consent, nurturing queer sex positivism, making explicit the historical intersections of race and desire, and finding pathways to subvert collaborations based on white, male and cisgender privileges. 

Development History

New Georges Jam 2017 - Present
Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab 2018 - Present
LALA Festival - July 2018


An iteration of plural (love) as part of the Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab, March 25, 2018. Created and performed by Jen Goma & Kristine Haruna Lee.