dog gone day

A is an expert on memory. 
K has synesthesia.
But together, they can’t seem to remember that thing…
So they sit and fear a porcelain bathtub, which sits high in the attic.
They go to Cancun, 1992.
They try to find it in a medieval forest.
In the doctor’s office,
At past lectures,

Dog Gone Day is a trip inside one person’s intimate memory palace, where travel takes place on neurological impulses, and scenes arrive and dissolve as quickly as the fleeting thoughts in our brain; they have the distinct weight of life altering memories falling like sediment to the floor of our subconscious.

production history

Brooklyn Arts Exchange Artist in Residence (New York) 2015 - 2017
Food For Thought, Danspace (New York) April 3, 2014
Little Theater, Dixon Place (New York) December 9, 2013

This work was created, in part, through the Artist in Residence Program at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Jerome Robbins Foundation and the Jerome Foundation.